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Pandav Sarovar Dasuya

Pandav Sarovar Dasuya

The Prachin Pandav Sarovar Temple in Dasuya is a historic religious site connected to the Mahabharata era. Five thousand years ago, in the city of King Virata, this historic site was established by the most powerful among the five Pandavas, Bhima, by excavating the sarovar (pond), thus providing drinking water for the cows. 

This ancient religious site is ranked 12th in all of India. Devotees who pray for their wishes at this ancient Pandav Sarovar Temple find their wishes fulfilled. It is from this very place that Lord Krishna himself went to Hastinapur as a peace envoy, and the declaration of the righteous war (Dharma Yuddha) also took place here. 

It is said that during the Mahabharata era, the kingdom of Maharaja Virata was in Dasuya. Hence, Dasuya is also referred to as Virat Nagari. The Pandavas were given a 13-year exile, during which they had to spend the last year incognito, so that no one could recognize them. Therefore, the Pandavas disguised themselves and worked as servants for King Virata. It is also said that Lord Krishna visited Dasuya. Before the Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna discussed the war with the Pandavas, Maharaja Virata, and his council. It was here that Lord Krishna blessed the Pandavas for victory in the Mahabharata war. The ancient Pandav Sarovar was established by Bhima, who created it by striking the ground two and a half times to address the water shortage for the cows. This pond later became famous as Pandav Sarovar. We also visited this ancient Pandav Sarovar. The temple’s atmosphere was very divine and peaceful. After visiting the temple, we spent some time in its divine tranquility. Then we came out of the temple and got into the car to see the Dasuya fort.


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