Kamahi Devi

Mahant Raj Giri g


Present Mahant Shri Rajgiri ji was born in a Goswami family of ‘Shri Pandain’, block Talwara, Distt Hoshiarpur, Punjab. His parents, mother Shrimati Gita Devi and father late Sh Bootaram Goswami, as per the instructions of the Goddess, offered their son at the tender age of nine, in the feet of Ma Kamakshi Devi, under the custody of the then Mahant Shri Krishan Giri ji.


After Mahant Shri Ram Giri ji, Mahant Shri Amar Giri ji shouldered the responsibility till his heavenly journey on 16 June1979. After that Mahant Sh Krishan Giri Ji took over the administration of the Kamakshi Devi Temple.

Mahant Shri Krishan Giri ji breathed his last On 24th May 1997. As per the unanimous decision of the people of the nearby villages, in the presence of Mahant Shri1008 Ramprakash Das Ji (Daterpur), Mahant Shri Shrichand ji Maharaj (Dharmshala) and Mahant Virendra Mohan Das Ji (Hajipur), Swami Shri Ichchha Giri ji , on 5th June 1997 and at the age of 23, Shri Raj Giri Ji Maharaj was anointed the next Mahant of Ma Kamakshi Devi Temple.
By the blessings of the Goddess, Mahant Shri Raj Giri ji took up the renovation and beautification work of the temple which is still going on. Now the temple complex looks very impressive where devotees can offer their prayers and experience the peace of mind and Ma’s divine presence, forgetting the temporal worries and miseries.

For the convenience of the visitors there is every arrangement of night stay, bathing, and food. There is also a big hall where 500 devotees can have free Langar at a time during religious functions. Maa Kamakshi’s langar prasad is available 24×7 in the temple. The hygiene and cleanliness of the temple complex is given utmost importance.

The serene pleasing personality and composed nature of Mahant Shri Raj Giri ji attracts all the pilgrims from near and distant places. Under his efficient guidance the temple is touching new hight of fame and honour.

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