Kamahi Devi

Gaga Ka Tilla

Gagan Ji Ka Tilla

Nestled in the village of Sahoda in the Shivalik Hills, the Gagan Ji Ka Tilla Shiva Temple is a center of faith for millions of devotees. Each year, millions of pilgrims come to pay their respects. This is the tallest Shiva temple in Punjab. To reach the temple situated on the hill, one must climb 762 steps. The temple is accessible by traveling 15 kilometers from Dasuya, six kilometers from Hajipur, and seven kilometers from Datarpur.

History of the Temple

There are various legends associated with the temple. The most popular one recounts that during their 13-year exile, the Pandavas stayed in Virat Nagri, which is known today as Dasuya. During their period of anonymity, they would come to this temple to worship with Draupadi. It is believed that the Pandavas established this Shiva temple.

Fair-like Atmosphere During Sawan

As you reach the end of the steps, an enchanting and mesmerizing view unfolds before you. On one side, you see the lush green valleys of the Shivalik Hills, and to the north, the snow-covered peaks of the Dhauladhar range. To the south, you can see the flourishing green fields of Punjab. During the month of Sawan, thousands of people visit daily. Free buses arrive every morning from Dasuya, Datarpur, Hajipur, and Mukerian. The temple doors open in the early hours, and hundreds of devotees start their worship from 3 AM.

Shivratri Celebrations

Along with Sawan, Shivratri also attracts millions of devotees. The main events during Shivratri include worshiping in four phases and a grand feast (bhandara) the following day. Mahant Shivgiri mentioned that every devotee’s wishes are fulfilled here. Mukesh Ranjan, associated with the temple, stated that all arrangements in the temple are managed by Mahant Shivgiri and the management committee.

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